Wow, it’s been a long time

So I haven’t updated this thing in forever. While I do check everyone elses blog I just never get around to writing on here. I am going to try and start updating it a lot more.

Lately I’ve been stressed out about college and school and work and everything that falls in with it. I’m trying to manage my good grades but enjoy my senior year as well. I want to do so much but there’s not enough time. I wish I could go back and tell my self somethings. I guess if I wrote a letter to myself back on the first day of my freshman year it would sound a little like this.

Dear Kaela,
I”m writing you from the future to help you not mess up. I’m writing you to let you know, your friends do care and you are tough. I’m writing you to let you know that you don’t have to leave. I’m writing you to let you know that your heart is where it should be.
You know the truth and you know the lies but your mind is caught in between. You can’t seem to decipher which is right or wrong and sometimes stand in the middle. Your afraid to step out and be who you are but go ahead and break free. Your heart longs for those friendship and you should give them a try, for they might just help you in your times of need. Don’t let the friendships you make run short or lag behind. These people are here from now until graduation. Continue in your path of IB for it will bring you success. Don’t stop doing the things you love for fear of humiliation. reach out to those who need your help and speak to those who will listen. Pay attention in class, turn your work in, and don’t stay up so late. Study for tests and don’t procrastinate for you will pay the price. Join all the clubs that your heart desires and participate in all that comes about. Don’t drop out and do the homeschooling thing, it’s not worth wasting your time. Your much smarter than that and should stay at WHS for the complete duration of your time.
Stay in church, keep Christ first, and never let him leave your side. but when you fall down, don’t forget to look up and reach for the one by your side.
Love ,
You from the future

Even though I would give myself all this advice, would it be worth ? What if all the mistakes I made and all the changes I did , didn’t take place? should I be where I am now? Probably not. So I wouldn’t want my life to change. I’m happy where I am now and praise God for all that he has brought me through.



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