Reflections on Love

Last Monday I had the opportunity to go to CRU and listen to the final message on love. It really hit home to me. Yes, I know God is love but what is Love?? Josh answered this tonight in a great way. Now, if you think I’m going to give you an outline of the message,i’m not. Sorry. I’m going to basically just vent from what I learned. So if you feel like it to stop listening, feel free to do so. For the others, thanks for reading.

I discovered that love from God needs no standard. I don’t have to volunteer so many hours or go to so many conferences. I don’t have to own so many bibles,concordances, devotionals,or Christian books to receive God’s love. I have to be me. Actually, I”m sure God would still love me even when I tried to be someone else, but in its fullness, he loves me when I’m me. WHY? Why does God love me? Growing up, I didn’t hear that word a lot. In fact, it’s only present in my early Christian age knowledge. Now, does that mean my parents didn’t love me? No. I”m sure they did. But so many times I try to impress for love. I try to be Super Kaela who can save the world and do everything, to receive love. But in reality, I don’t have to do this. God loves me because I am his. Even when I was ugly in sin, he still loves me. Often I hear the statement ” Treat others the way you want to be treated” and i think it’s a good rule, but what happens when you’re not treated the way you treat others? You work so hard making everyone elses live good, you try to cheer them up, make them smile, allow them to have a good day, but do you stop to allow others to help you? This is a big thing for me, because over the years I’ve noticed I’ve robbed people of their blessing I was to busy for them to serve me, or I just thought I could do it on my own so I didn’t let them help me either. Well, I give up, I can’t do it anymore. I feel like walls crumbled tonight for me. I was reminded I was loved. I am loved. Not because I’m beautiful, or talented or a good Christian, but because I am His.I hear the statement ” love your neighbor as yourself” and I stop. What happens when you love your neighbor more than yourself? I know some of you are like wait a minute Kaela, that is if anyone is still reading, are you saying you don’t love yourself? NO, not really. I love myself but i love others more than me. I would do anything in the world for other people, and often I do. I don’t know where I’m headed with this. I think this is the end.



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