How God teaches..

God doesn’t teach from a pulpit nor does God teach with acrostics or with 10 main points.


God does teach in the small things.

Today I had the opportunity to serve Micheal, Oakleaf’s lead pastor, by helping him and his wife out with their  children during lunch so that he could meet with some church planters . I have to say, I really enjoyed that. But God taught me some stuff before lunch, on the way over there. See, I drove Micheal’s oldest child to the resturant. Now, his daughter and I are close and we see each other weekly but being able to sit and talk to her was a humbling thing. It took me back to when I was six. See, I rarely had conversations with my mom and still don’t have them that often. God teaching me how to be a mom. Instead of just turning the radio up and singing with it on the way over, we turned it down and she told me about her life. I invested time into her life.

How many times do we rush past a child and never hear their voice? We run out the door and make unkept promises of afternoon activities? Those children have voices and they look up to us. Does it matter if we look silly b/c we’re dressed up as well for a tea party? Do we send our kids off when they beckon us to look? I know I’m not a parent, and I’m scared of that day, but stop sometimes and listen, God may teaching you through them.


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