Go with me on this…We all are flowers. But to reach our potential beauty we must go through great nurturing growth and development. First, we start out in the ground. We have no roots, nothing to cling to. But as the months go on and we are nurtured ,cared for, and loved, our roots begin to dig deep. Soon, we begin to sprout. By this time,we have faced our first winter. Not a hard one, but a cold one at that. We slowly begin to grow and as the months and seasons go on, we grow taller, our beauty still being contained inside. But then, one day, when the sun is shining on us, we begin to unfold. We let down the walls that contain us inside and let the world see us for what we are. But soon,the seasons change again, our beauty only visible for a short time this year. Now, since we are more mature, we must face this winter with no protection. It’s a hard year and you feel as if you can’t hold on but yet just when you feel like all hope is gone, the season changes. It’s now time to release that beauty.

In more ways than one that analogy is like that of the Christian faith. In Ecclesiastes 3 it talks about the seasons of life. We all go through all different experiences and at the moment we feel like we can’t hold on, God shows up and changes the season. We have these season’s for reasons. Without them, there would be no time for growth. While we may feel desolate, God is really working on our life’s, preparing us for what he  has in-store for us, the great changes that we are about to undergo. So, as you walk today, thank God for the season in your life, it just might be the season in which your future depends on.


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