The Music

Lately I’ve let the music consume me, constantly surrounding myself with
the bars and beats never going a moment in pure silence. I am afraid,
I’m afraid of what lurks in the silence. In the silence, my thoughts can speak, in the silence, I can hear the storm. So I turn it up louder, and louder to resist the storm, never letting it reach my ears for fear of the pain. Knowing that the pain does so much damage, when the music fades I long for the next song, the next chance to run far away and get lost in the music. It has become my refuge, my hiding place, and in the midst- I know He’s there. In the midst of the storm He’s sitting right beside me, not making me speak to Him, but purely reminding me that He is there and that He understands my pain. He does. He doesn’t want me to bear it alone, but He’s not going to force me. He sits back and waits. He’s waiting for me to let Him in and in time, I do. I break the walls, I break the silence. I pour my heart out but I’m afraid. I’m afraid He won’t love me anymore, I’m afraid of His punishment. But He does something I’m unfamiliar with, He embraces me. He pulls me onto His lap and He lets me weep. He still loves me. He’s not angry at me. He dries my eyes, and slowly lets the music take me home. But He reminds me that even though I am going home, He is still there and He is only a call away. He’s only a call away. Through the bars and the beats I find refuge from the storm. The storm has stopped but He still holds me tight. I must RELY on HIM. No longer do I have to run but I know that He has prepared a sactuary for me to reside in. A place not so far from the storm but a place that is lined with His angels who are ready to stand guard and protect me. I must TRUST HIM. I must find REST in HIM.



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