Tuesday Twelve

So everyone else has their day, I choose Tuesday!
ten thoughts running through my mind right now

1. Rocksteady
2.I will never plan my skip day on Monday
3.Trig is kicking my butt
4.What psalm am I going to read tonight?
5.Pluto is very boring but at least we are done with our planet project
6.I was nominated for another award
7.Another award equals another banquet
8.I brought my grade up in Trig 2 points so now I’m 2 points shy of a 90
9.My cousin will be dancing(swing dancing) in ATL all weekend, so i’m trying to get down there to watch her
10.Lately I have been getting alot of encouragement and I can’t thank them enough
11.Only 33 days until I graduate, 136 until I leave for college
12.I’m wondering if people actually read my blog??


One thought on “Tuesday Twelve


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