Tuesday Twelve

So i’ve slacked off a lil , but I’m going to get back to doing this once a week . So here is whats up in the noggin this week.

1. I have very exciting news, but I can’t really release it until Friday
2. I have managed to bring all of my grades back up to A’s in 2 weeks
3. I only have 18 more days of high school!
4. Graduation invitations are really kicking my butt
5. I have 2 overdue books that I am still trying to finish reading
6. Special Olympics is tomorrow and I am SUPER PUMPED!
7. I want Solo
8. I wish my month of May wasn’t so jam packed
9. People actually do read my blog
10. Maybe the reason why we are the only planet known that is stable enough for life is that God created it that way because he knows we won’t need another planet
11. I had an amazing time at the 80s prom last Friday night, it was way better than any prom I would have gone to at school.
12. Loves the idea of going all natural and loves soy milk, but soy yogurt does not taste right!



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