Exciting News

So on Tuesday I informed yall that I had some exciting news.. well here it is….

I AM A BONNER SCHOLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now for yall who don’t know,  in April I traveled to KY to go interview for this program – I was one of 32 finalists for this program. I was able to really experience the program as well as college ( without the wonderful classes) in one weekend , which really has made  me look forward to the fall even more.

The Bonner Scholar Program seeks to transform the lives of students  as well as their campuses, local communities, and nation by providing access to education and opportunities to serve.

To achieve this mission, the Bonner Foundation provides four-year community service scholarships to approximately 1,500 students (who are referred to as Bonner Scholars) annually. The scholarship serves those individuals who have high financial need and a commitment to service. It is designed to heighten the overall education a Scholar receives by asking students to engage in ongoing service work and helping them develop the tools and the knowledge necessary to make that work meaningful and lasting.

So this is just one more wonderful thing to look forward to in the fall!


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