Tuesday Twelve

1. I have only 7.5 school days remaining
2. I went to not one but 2 graduations today- My girl Michelle’s and my man Daniel’s
3. I realized that I talk to children – alot
4. I made a 92 on my last trig test- still need to bring the grade up 2 points to have an A
5. I have 3 more graduations to go to, one of which would be my graduation
6. I absolutely love my new devotional- Solo
7. I only have 100 days until I leave for Berea
8. ” God of This City” is my new favorite song
9. I am excited about the High School journey Luau on Sunday
10. My next 12 days are jammed packed- but I love it!
11. I am planning something pretty coo for my 4th and 5th graders for the next 2 weeks- if you know any kids that age, encourage them to come!
12. My graduation party is in 11 days- I’m excited !!!!



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