Friday Favorite

So everyone else has their Friday Five.. well I’m going to start a Friday Favorite, and today’s favorite is going to be a favorite memory of mine. In the upcoming weeks you may find me blogging about a favorite place, person, game, song, who knows what, but look for them.

With Graduation literally a week a way, I decided to pull a memory from my past , one that not many know of .

This memory comes from… KINDERGARTEN!!! ( yes , I can in fact remember that far back and actually I can remember farther back than that!)

Loud Noises. No one warned Mrs. Beard- my favorite teacher- that I hated and was petrified by loud noises. No one warned me about the bells. So as the FIRST day of my school experience is winding down, we begin to line up for our buses. But I had to do something else. I needed to go potty before I went home. So while everyone lined up for their bus, I went to the bathroom, everyone left with Mrs. Beard( she thought I was in line) When I came out I ran towards the line , that I could see down the hall, but heard it. The Loud Noise, the horrible bells of elementary school. I freaked, I panicked, and I ran to another line and sat down. I boarded the bus and found a new friend to sit with. If anyone knows me they know that I like to sleep, and what happened- I fell asleep in the seat. I was on the wrong bus. Asleep on the wrong bus. It’s now after 2 and I’m not at my bus stop where my dad now stands freaking out. He calls my mom, who calls the school, who calls the bus yard( somewhere in the chain of calls the cops were called.) Finally, on bus 136 , in the 5th row back was lil Kaela ( sucking her thumb) and taking another nap. The time is now 6 , only 4 hours to find me, but after this day- I was personally walked to my line until the end of kindergarten.

The End


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