Tuesday Twelve

Today is the last Tuesday of my Senior year..

1. Today was my last full day- tomorrow I go for one class and then I am done.
2. I was given a gift from the head custodian today- I cried.
3. I am excited about helping my mom out with her field trip tomorrow.
4. I am equally excited about going to the church office on Thursday.
5. I haven’t been very productive with cleaning my room- only 3 more days to get everything straight!
6. Tomorrow I am getting my first pedicure/manicure and buddy is it well deserved.
7. I’m excited about starting out new series on Sunday!
8. Something really awesome is happening in the 4th-5th grade enviro this week- make sure your kid is there!
9. I really want a new pair of TOMS- these to be exact.
10. With graduation approaching and yearbook signing taking place- I’ve realized that I’ve actually impacted Woodland this year.
11. I’ve been asking myself the best question ever lately.
12. I have a pretty exciting/crazy/full weekend ahead but man is going to be fun!

Oh- and here are some cap and gown shots mom took on Sunday.



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