What a Wonderful Wednesday!

First off- I know every post this week has had the day in the title, it’s not going to be like this all the time but with it being the last week of my senior year, I thought it would be.

So today was MY LAST DAY!! I finished at 10:06 this morning. My last final was a trig final, in Sablowski’s class, but it was decent.  When I finished, I went by some other teacher and finally left Woodland at 11. I met up with my mom at Cantrell park in Kennesaw to help with a field trip for her pre-k kids. IT WAS AWESOME! I got to go back to the school with her and the kids and just chill until my mom got off. I went down to the Daily Grind to grab me an amazing White Chocolate Mocha frap( ice cream based please with lots of whip!) I finally made it back and then my mom and I went to go have our nails done. I went all out- pedicure and manicure( first time for both) It was definitely well deserved and a great stress reliever. The weather today was AMAZING! I loved just feeling the sun shining down on me and watching the kids have a wonderful time. I can’t wait for their graduation tomorrow. In all today was a good ending.  EXCITED ABOUT THE REST OF THE WEEK!



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