Finally the FINAL FRIDAY!

Wow, what a day! I woke up sick ( I think it was the nerves) and rushed out to barely make it on time for graduation practice. Things went well there, a bunch of laughs and final senior moments. Once I was finished there National Honor Society seniors, ok or maybe just 4 of us, cleaned the campus and Ale and I went to her house for a homemade lunch( aka- FREE FOOD!) Then hit up Hobby Lobby to get supplies for our rockin shirts for our parties tomorrow- as well as a few extra surprises for the parties.. I’ll tell you them later or you can come to find out! Then we ran back home so I could leave, hit the sack for a quick nap, and then got ready. Once ready we headed to the school. Quick reception for our amazing advisement then it was off to wait for an hour and half before actual grad. During this we hung out, chatted, and captured the final senior moments. Finally- 8 o clock came and it was time. Walking down that ramp and down the steps was such a moment of pride and joy and ACCOMPLISHMENT! We sang, goofed again- what can I say, my advisement is a funny group and so was the group in front of us. Then we stood to walk. My name was finally called ( no I didn’t get a huge crowd response) but I finally did it and I was the FIRST to do it.  In the words of Taylor Bryson-” Our childhood ended and all we got was a blank folder!” But that blank folder isn’t the end- it’s merely  the beginning. For it is the blank canvas of life that lays ahead of us. Only we have the paintbrushes and each masterpiece will be different with no two looking the same. So I say this to my fellow classmates- good luck and paint wisely. The evening ended with a decent family dinner at Chilis. Now I am close to bed.



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