What a weekend!

Wow. I’m glad thats over. So Saturday I woke up and helped mom for  a lil before going to feed 9 animals ( plus 2 tanks of fish) for a family that works with my dad. I caught up with my mom at home,changed, and headed to the park to set up for the party. Well, we still were setting up when some people showed, but they didn’t mind. Not really that many came but it’s quality not quantity that counts for me. The food was amazing and the cake was even more delicious! We went catfish fishing with the Nagel’s ( I’ll post video later of this fun), attacked my mom with silly string, and I was tackled by Rich. In all, it was great. I was glad to see my family and my friends. We cleaned up and then I headed home to change and head to my friends party. We attacked  her mom as well, played( or attempted) to play volley ball, swam, and had a good time as well. I left there at 9, got home around 10, and chatted with mom some before I crashed. Woke up early this morning( actually I was late) and headed to the church. I got there right as we were constructing the space ship and blowing the bounce house up.  I realized I am really dedicated to my job when I volunteer to clean and disinfect a rank bounce house( man did that stink- but the kids sure did love it!) I able to clean up quick and then service started. Can I just tell you how amazing my kids are? They really were energetic and sang with me and did the motions. They were involved in the new series and I think they are going to like it. I stayed for second, but they weren’t as energetic( hmm.. have to work on energy levels.. ) In all, it was a great morning and to top it off, the head cafeteria manager gave all the kids and workers free orange-cicles. I loved it. I left and headed to lunch then back to the house that contained the animals for the last feeding before meeting up with Michelle at the pool. We stayed for a lil bit before heading to the Daily Grind for her meeting about a mission trip. We headed home and searched for her storage key ( I believe we found it) But I headed home were I ate dinner with the parents and now I am here. A busy weekend if I can say but it was great.



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