One Voice Was Heard

Do you ever get that warm and fuzzy feeling when you hear your loved one’s voice? Or maybe it’s just someone who means a lot to you. For me, I get it , a lot. I love to hear people’s voices, especially those who I miss.

But sometimes I sit and think, is this how God feels? Does God get this feeling when we talk to Him? I have to admit, I’m pretty bad about this. Think to yourself, when did I last talk to God? For me, it honestly was a while ago. This is an area in my life I am willing to admit that I need to work on- and quick. I’m tired of quiet times being an item on a to-do list. God is bigger and better than that and deserves more. So over this summer, I am cracking down and I’m asking you this- for those who read this, would you consider holding me accountable. Not for creating God as an item on my to-do list, but for developing a more intimate relationship with God. I want to fall deeply and madly in love with my Father.



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