Stepping Up

I can not tell you how excited I am about this study. Last week, when I called my friend Mary Beth about bible study and she told me we would be doing this study, I was ecstatic. Finally! I couldn’t wait. Well I was unable to make it last week, but this week , on Tuesday , I went. I met with around 15 other girls and we went through this study. Oh my gosh- does God know what we need or what! I took the first dvd, home to catch up and one this Beth said that really hit was that God is the time keeper and has placed us in this study for a reason and that we need to arrive HUNGRY! So I am challenging myself to daily meet God and step up to a higher place in my walk with Him. I know he has great things for me and that He is going to do unimaginable things during my walk with Him. I ask that yall would pray for me as I start this study. That I would fully commit and surrender all myself to God so that He may bring me higher.



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