“What will we do without you?!”

Lately I’ve heard this question from multiple people. I know many are upset that I am  going 4 hours away to college and many wonder who is going to take my place. I don’t know who is going to fill my shoes , I know I make them hard to fill, but it’s not impossible. When I hear this question, I just want to scream ” Your going to GROW! ” Oak Leaf existed before me, and it will after. I am so excited for the future of this church. When I leave in the fall, Oak Leaf will start it’s second campus. Oak Leaf will reach hundreds of new people. Oak Leaf will lead more people and CHILDREN from where they are to where God wants them to be. Oak Leaf will do more crazy, creative, GOD LED events. Oak Leaf will see more salvations, more baptisms, and more fish become missionaries. This fall, when I take my first real step on Berea College’s green campus, I carry with me the love, support, encouragement, and knowledge that I have received from this church. I’ve seen God take me from where I was, which was far from Him and outside of His very will for my life, to where I am now, which is serving Jesus Christ each and every Sunday . No, I am not where I need to be yet- but I’m getting there. I want those who ask this question to know- you will survive without me and you will prosper. As it says in 3 John 2 ” Beloved, I pray that you may PROSPER in ALL THINGS and be in health just as YOUR SOUL PROSPERS” I’m ready to watch and hear of the great and wonderful things that God does in this church when i am gone.



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