I’m crossing over..

So for the past 5 weeks at the Leaf we have been studying through the book of Joshua. After the first week, I knew God was just going to show up and move during this series. I am one for bracelets to remember things. So after the first service I was hanging around the resource table and found a roll of green tape… WHAT COULD BE BETTER! I immediately grabbed it and made me a bracelet vowing not to remove it for the series. I’ve learned that I’m headed towards a promise land, in fact, I’m so close, I’m in the river as we speak and God is still preparing me. So what is my promise land? You guessed it, Berea College. In 44 days, I will pack my boxes into my brother’s Explorer, everyone will put on their Berea College shirt, and we will make the 4.5 hour journey to drop me off at College. Now why do I say this is my promise land? Because it’s the beginning. The beginning on life on my own. The beginning of life not limited by parents. The beginning of new friendships. The beginning of a new ministry. In short- the beginning. No one knows the old me, so they have nothing to judge me by. I simply can be me, and not have to worry about what my parents may think. I’m moving from the wilderness, where I lived in confusion, sometimes in anger, or bitterness, to the promise land, the land flowing with milk and honey or new opportunities. I’m counting down to my crossing over..


2 thoughts on “I’m crossing over..

  1. It won’t be the promised land unless there is a Chick-fil-a near by. 🙂 Just keep your eyes on God and let Him lead you. Take plenty of time to listen to His voice and spend most of your time around people who challenge you to be better and stronger than you are now (spiritually and otherwise), but don’t forget to invest in others who are not as far along as you are now. Stay in touch.


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