Technical difficulties or God lessons?

So this morning was set to be a great morning. I had prepared so much for the City, I had my flash cards and I was pumped. I ran by Starbucks to grab my Passion tea then headed to church. I was not planing to go to set up today due to some difficulties and got to church at 8 am- where I saw that the City hadn’t been set up. So luckily we had around 10 guys help us get pipe and drape and other items up leaving us with the technical stuff. Only problem was that the technical stuff wasn’t working right. It soon came to service time and I had NO video, only 3 lights, sound, and a mic. So I freaked out a little b/c I believed that I couldn’t do the service without the video. I went out and hoped Brett would get it running. In 5 minutes, I knew video wasn’t happening and I was going to have to wing it. Luckily , I had prepared myself well so I grabbed my Bible and started talking. For worship we sang songs we knew with the music and did the motions from memory. Then we were praying for our offering and Will Goodwin walks in and fixes the video projector! I only had around 5 minutes left of the service, long enough to do the video review, but God really taught me something. Just because we’ve grown to use video’s and dvd’s doesn’t mean He still can’t teach with just a willing attitude and a Bible. I can teach without the video.



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