Sunday Storms..

So here is the run down from this morning.

  • Michael did an awesome job this morning speaking on the 3 G’s of Oak Leaf, if you missed it, man I’m sorry b/c it won’t be podcasted.
  • The City was rocking and I absolutely love kids singing this song
  • Servant Leaders help others in need WITHOUT BEING ASKED!
  • I am really out of it today, I don’t know whats up with me. I’m going through some rough spots right now and I am really confused
  • Today was the last day Oak Leaf Church was at Woodland High School
  • Since it was our last day, we sang ” Na Na Hey Hey” in the City
  • The City finished it’s series on Joseph ( GOOD BYE STARLIGHT STATION!!! )
  • We celebrated the end by having a Spaceship Cake
  • I got cake smashed into my face ( kid’s loved it)
  • We had to tear down and load the trucks up in the rain
  • The rain has not let up yet.
  • Movie Fest was canceled
  • Last picture from the Leaf @ Woodland


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