Wow, time flys by.

So I noticed that I hadn’t posted in a while so heres a lil update on whats been happening lately.

  • As most know, Oak Leaf Church has moved back to the movie theater and is doing really well, I like it better there than at Woodland.
  • The date for me moving is decreasing and the amount of stuff I have to do is increasing
  • I went to IKEA the other week and enjoyed every moment of it. THANK YOU to Kim for making this trip possible.
  • My preschool that I work at ( as well as my mom) is closing this Friday. It is a very sad thing but also a very neccesary thing for me so that I can start a new life. Unfortunately though, my mom’s new job isn’t working out so well so she has to find another new one.
  • God is amazing and blessing my life in so many ways its crazy
  • I got another scholarship for college, this one is the DeWitt Walace Readers Digest Scholarship for Christian leadership.
  • My parents started attending church and tithing again ( once agian a huge blessing )
  • I get to nanny next week for a family at my preschool
  • The current count of days left is 14 until I move in
  • I am so proud of Ean Goodwin and Allie Moyer for accepting Christ and being baptized
  • Things like the above making working in children’s ministry worth it
  • I’m going to miss Oak Leaf like crazy when I leave ( good thing we podcast)
  • I have to attend my old church this Sunday to say good bye. Hard thing to do since I haven’t been there in a year and a half.
  • As much as God is blessing my life, Satan is trying to destroy me. Good thing for verses like Deut 20:4 and John 16:33 to remind us that God is fighting with me and that he has already overcome this world
  • I still haven’t seen Dark Knight
  • I am excited for next Thursday’s night dinner out with the Oak Leaf crew, who would have known I was trying to take them all out to dinner on the same night?
  • I think I’m just rambling on now but on the final word, I got my tenative course schedule and I’m taking Latin, an Education Study class, and a Writing Seminar class. It looks great, I have a lot of time between most of it, and I’m done by 2. I’m hoping it stays this way.



P.S- to those who read this, I want to see who actually does, would you leave a comment on this post? If you do, I would like some advice for college or some verse for encouragement as I start my new life.THANKS!


3 thoughts on “Wow, time flys by.

  1. Thanks for your kind words about Ean! By loving on kids, you have played a role in their decision.

    Advice for college: Get a job on campus as a student assistant. I did and it was great (especially since I was already there all the time). Other than that, I can’t give a whole lot of advice. My college years were not that eventful because all my friends moved away and went to other colleges and I was stuck living at home 🙂

    Have fun and please know Will and I are praying for you!

  2. Advice: Live everyday to the fullest…never take summer classes…always look at the cliff notes…remember there is always someone to lean on and learn from…never give up…and when you do get homesick (even though you say you wont) give me a call…i love road trips.


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