Sun Stand Still, 7 days, and Thomas O.Mally Cat

So back in June Micheal did a series on “Crossing Jordan” ( if you didn’t hear it, go listen to it ) but in it he talked of how Joshua prayed a Sun Stand Still prayer ( see here for the full story) Micheal challenged us to start praying bigger prayers, Sun Stand Still prayers. Well for me, college finances have been on my mind. Yes I have a full tuition scholarship but there are still some small expenses I have to  pay. I prayed that God would provide me with $2000  before I left for  college. In the past 2 weeks, God has provided that money, all of it. Also , he has blessed my life in ways I’ve been praying for for a long time.  I received ” The Blessed Life” a few weeks ago. Well my mom saw me reading the book and asked to borrow it. I let her. By the next day she had already started talking about tithing and actually started. This was the shocker. My mom, woman who only tithed the left overs and that was on rare occasions had started tithing. Then, my dad read the book. He’s not as into the tithing thing, but he is doing it. They both started to go back to church to give their tithe. Yet again another shocker. My parents hadn’t been in forever. Just in that, it was a huge blessing. My parents are tithing  and attending church .

7 days. Thats it. In 7 days I will leave for Berea. It’s weird to think that my Promise Land is so close. I’m not as ready as I should be. I still have to work a whole lot in my room but I wil l get it done. I’ve packed 4 boxes so far. Really all I have left are my clothes and anything I want to take in my room. I found out that I got the roommate I requested and the dorm hall I wanted- Pearsons. The only thing with Pearsons is that it is supposedly haunted. Who knows though really. I found out one of my classes doesn’t require a book, and I just got the titles for the other class. So far those books( if I buy them now ) will cost about $30 leaving me a good amount for my Latin book.

I get to speak this Friday at FCA at Woodland for the final time. I am so excited and pumped about it. I am speaking on a passage I’ve spoke on before but I revamped it and I think it will be a great first week lesson. I am going to Waffle House that morning with a good friend to spend our last morning together before she leaves for Belhaven.

This week I have been babysitting two lil girls from my old job. Some of yall know what happened but for those who don’t here’s the story. Last Friday our preschool, the one my mom has worked at for 7 years, closed. The city took it over by eminent domain. We ( all employees and families) had 3 weeks to find new jobs and new schools for the kids. It was a tough Friday. I had to say good bye to some kids that I had watch grow up since they were born. I sat and bawled for a good 45  minutes ( yes I am emotional, I’m sorry) But it was also needed. I had to break ties here in Ga. I won’t be able to come home to most of my old ways. Well the girls I’ve been babysitting have had me watching Disney movies left and right. The most popular- Aristocats.. see if this song doesn’t get stuck in your head.


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