You got a Friend in Me…

So God has been quite amazing lately. When I moved in, I met my Hall Coordinator Britin. Well Britin is from Roswell and has two other sisters at Berea. Britin and I hit it off and in the next week I had met both her sisters and what a blessing it was to know that one of them was a first year. Well our friendship has just continued to grow. Her sisters names are Clarin and Tierah. Tierah is a first year, Clarin is a junior, and Britin is a senior. Tierah and I have been able to spend a lot of time together just really helping each other out. It seems that no matter how bad my day, her smile and just one word can  turn everything around. This weekend we got to spend a lot of time together because our roommates were out of town. Tierah stayed with me Saturday night and I stayed with her Sunday night. It was so fun getting to goof off, watch movies, and just chat. Today we both got to go and get make overs at a Mary Kay center ( Tierah won them at the Spoonbread Festival and brought me along) It was such a joy to actually feel beautiful. When we got back to campus, we went and took some pictures before practice. God really placed her in my life to be a light and an inspiration. She constantly reminds me to stay in tune with God and I love her for that. This family is an amazing family and I can’t wait to spend more time with them ( and buddy since they live in GA you know we’re going to spend time together!!!) Here are some pics from today.





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