Wow I can’t believe it’s almost over.

..well at least fall semester anyways. It’s been a while since I updated so here is how life has been.

  • With the start of November also came the start of swim season. Thats right folks, I”m on the swim team for Berea College. At my first meet, I got sick and only got to swim one day instead of both days. When we came home, I ended up going to the ER because I was dehydrated and had food poisoning. I”m thankful for the friends who made me go, and actually took me there and sat in the waiting room.
  • My birthday came and went. 19 isn’t that big of deal. My friends threw me and another girl a surprise party which we both thought was for the other person. It was pretty awesome. They truly are the true friends I have here because the people I work with even forgot my birthday.
  • I’ve been drowning in homework lately but I’ve also been procrastinating, so some of it is my own fault.
  • I’m so glad I will be finished with Latin in 2 weeks.
  • I am now on the Student Advisory Council for the Education Department
  • I am considering being a Residental Assistant next year, and I’m super excited about that.
  • God has been blessing my friendships and it’s so amazing to see the people he has placed in my life.
  • I went contra dancing and I absolutely love it.
  • I learned how to crochet and that has been a huge stress reliever.
  • I actually got all the classes I wanted for next semester so that is super exciting.

So pretty much, life is good. I”m ready to be home for the break but I love Berea ( except for the food sometimes, lets just say that cereal and waffles are no longer breakfast foods)

Here are some pics.

Mountain Day: Complete Awesomeness


Yea We look pretty awesome- or tired

Birthday Princesses!

Birthday Princesses!


So it’s snowing! This is my friend Matt who has amazing hair, I loved how the snow looked in it


One thought on “Wow I can’t believe it’s almost over.

  1. It’s about time you updated this thing! It’s so good to hear you’re having a good time…except for the whole being sick thing…yuck! Anyways…i’m so looking forward to seeing you Sunday! Love you tons and tons and tons!


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