It’s over so fast

collage-1So this semester seemed to come and go but I’m glad it’s over. Here are a few things I learned.

  • NEVER take Latin unless you have to
  • 5 foot French Professors are scary
  • Take at least 4 classes so your able to drop one if needed
  • Bikes really come in handy when you have 3 minutes to get all the way across campus
  • The childrens section of the library is the best place to study
  • Oven mitts are great things to bring to college- you’ll soon be the most popular girl in the dorm
  • Dorm life isn’t all that bad, especially when your never there
  • Letting RA”s mess with your guy friends via facebook chat can turn south quickly
  • There are still men out there who are chivalrous
  • Walking a mile to church isn’t that bad ( having snow flurries on the way adds to the excitement)
  • Construction on campus makes it look bad
  • Jesus blesses you in ways you would never imagine at the most perfect times
  • Don’t slack off when you feel like a class is easy
  • The Procrastination sea is one that many drown in
  • Pulling all nighters should never happen, nor should the naps right before the class you pulled the all nighter for because you may oversleep for the class * not like I know from experience or anything*
  • Don’t be a hermit crab, there are some good kids on campus
  • Take time to have fun- go caving, trashbagging, mid night trips to walmart, have movie nights,  do something besides study
  • Sometimes it’s ok to not eat foodservice, find a group to make dinner with or splurge and go out
  • Be active- it’s the only way to beat the freshman 15- I did and lost 20 !
  • Most importantly I learned  that even though your hundreds of miles away its important to keep in touch with those you love and it’s also important to meet new people.

Thanks for the encouragement this semester, I’m looking forward to an even greater Spring Term!



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