Some things I’m missing

Ok I know most kids dream of the day they are home from college and dread the the day the go back but I must be messed up because I dread coming home and I dream of the day I go back. So heres a lil list of things I’m already missing.

  1. I miss the lights and sinks obeying your command by turning on when they acknowledge your presence.
  2. I miss being able to walk to the gym
  3. I miss having choices of what to eat for meals, even if it means I eat cereal or a waffle
  4. I miss being able to walk across campus to see a friend
  5. I miss my girls in the dorm
  6. I miss goofing off in the basement
  7. I miss my crazy roommate who believes I don’t listen to a word she says
  8. I miss having to climb into my bed
  9. I miss the cleanliness of my room
  10. Most importantly I miss my new family. The family that was built in literally 3 months, the family that waits in the waiting room on homecoming night while your in the emergency room, the family that is there to see you beat the girl at the swim meet, the family that wakes up at 6:30 to enjoy breakfast, the family that dresses up for a dinner night, the family that is there when someone needs help, and the family that loves you. I miss you guys and can’t wait to see you in 3 weeks.



One thought on “Some things I’m missing

  1. sounds like you’ve been blessed to find amazing friends (family) during your time in college. i was blessed with that too and enjoyed my four years of college immensely. i remember those breaks where you just wanted to get back. i will tell you, when you drive onto campus in january you will get this little girl, giddy feeling because it feels so great to be back “home”. berry was truly my home while i was there. cherish your four years… they’ll be gone in a flash. and i’ll try to get my kaela fix while you’re home πŸ™‚ i’m so proud of you and can see you’ve grown so much in just one semester. oh how much more you will grow between now and when you graduate. it’ll be fun to watch. love you, girl! πŸ™‚


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