Goals for 09

So with the New Year brings about new goals. I’m not so into the word resolution, but we’ll stick with goals.

1.Read the entire Bible

2. Memorize 52 verses- one each week

3. Stay positive

4. Contnue lossing weight. 20 or so more pounds would be nice by summer.

5. Listen to God more

6.Control my temper

7. Ask the most important question in every circumstance.

8. Drop my swim times by 10 seconds or more.

9. Make all A’s this semester

10.  Make sure that it’s God’s will for me to be a teacher. Apply the 4 principles to all circumstances – 1. Peace 2.Word 3. Circumstances 4. Counsel

Ask me and all explain the principles- their new to me but i really agree to them.



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