Dear Oak Leaf

Dear Oak Leaf,

I miss you a lot. It seems like every time I come  back your a new environment. I look forward to spending the entire summer with you  and really getting to work more. Your not my church anymore, your my home. I love  you because I see the difference I am making in the life’s of others. I see how I am leading children from where they are to where God wants them to be. I see how unlike other churches who only have high attendance Sunday once a year, we strive for it weekly- wanting to bring in as many people as possible without saying “oh you have a tattoo you can’t be here” or ” you smoke so we do want you ” or even ” your wearing a tee shirt, that’s not your Sunday best” we open our arms and say, we’re here for you. Broken, lost, battered, confused- come as you are and let us lead you.

You have changed me. I see it in how I chase after God, in how I read the word, in how I interact with others. I see it when I work with kids. It’s a blessing to be able to come home and be greeted by all the smiling faces and to listen to their stories. Your kids are like no other. We are raising them up to be leaders. They are the leaders. They are coming Sunday mornings ready to learn and serve. I LOVE IT! It over joys me when I hear of a child who accepts Christ. It over joys me when I am asked by a young one ” How can I help?” It over joys me to see kids get excited during worship. When I see them like this, I wonder if that’s how God see’s us. He gets over joyed when we meet Him. He gets over joyed when we ask ” How can I help?” He gets over joyed when we are passionate with our worship.

Thank you for working in my life. Thank you for accepting me as I was and leading me from where I was closer to where God wants me to be. I’m not done yet, I still have a lot of growing to do. But you don’t mind, you’ll still let me teach and lead and grow. Thank you for opening doors in my life. Thank you for not being just a building, but more than that- your a family.

See you in May my wonderful family,




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