Whats been up in B-town

I promise I am alive , I just haven’t really updated. So here is a run down of whats been up!

  • The weekend that I left for Berea, I stayed with some friends in Roswell GA. It was probably the best weekend I had had over break. I enjoyed meeting their family, we saw Bolt, and I also watch Pride and Prejudice for the first time * I am now reading the book* I was also challenged by their dad to really take a look at my major and see what Jesus wants me to do. He has a specific job for me. Since then I have been praying and reading the word to truly figure out what He wants me to do .
  • Being back in Berea has been great. I love getting to just do things with the people here.
  • We have had extremely cold weather ( I mean like sub zero) and it has snowed! college-1296
  • I went to Cincinnati Ohio two weekends ago for work. It was actual an experience I was glad I had. We started the weekend Friday night with having to report to work after watching a movie together 30 minutes later with only 10 items * besides the clothes you were wearing,sleeping bag, and homework* We arrived to work and we admitted to the shelter. If you were late, you were locked out(meaning you were in another room). We had rules and if you broke the rules, you had to stay in the other room. Well I ended up breaking a rule, and wound up in the other room, which didn’t bother me because we all slept. We woke up at 5:30 am and had breakfast and drove to Ohio. Once there, we cleaned 3 apartments that’s building had lost it’s roof during hurricane Ike. I was the one who cleaned out the fridges * glad I had a strong stomach for that job* . Our next task was learning about the homeless coalition and we did a city plunge where we were given a perimeter to stay in and we were given 3 resource’s names and we had to find them in 40 minutes.  It was an eye opener because you don’t know the city so just like the homeless you have to ask and walk and try to find these places while they are open. We finished there and drove to Louisville KY. There we worked an open mic coffee house that was for the homeless and the public. It was completely free *desserts and drinks*. We had to wait on people, work in the kitchen, and sit and chat with the people. Some had interesting stories, others just wanted to sit and not talk. Overall the experience was one that has affected me alot.
  • During the month of January we only have 1 class. I am taking a communications class called Oral Interpretation. I enjoy the class because it has helped with my speaking and presenting. It’s a fun class.
  • We had a swim meet this past weekend. It was fun but also difficult at times for me because I hadn’t practiced as much as I should have and I was also sore so when I swam my 200 freestyle, my legs locked up, I inhaled water and couldn’t breathe. I am looking forward to working on that so that I am able to drop my time in it.

That’s pretty much what’s been up.



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