Realization I have to accept

Many of yall know I struggle in my relationship with my dad, I always have. We really don’t talk, well we never have, but the other night I called wanting to talk to my mom. My dad made the comment that he’s still my dad and still cares. This shut me down automatically because if he hasn’t paid attention to me in over 10 years, what makes him think he can suddenly try to get back in now. Well this is where Jesus began working.

Sunday morning I am explaining this to a dear friend and she explains back that he is trying to reach out now and that when he reaches out i need to reach back instead of shutting him down. During church me and Jesus battled through this. He showed me that my relationship with my dad is like His relationship with me. He struggled for so long for me. He would reach out and I would shut him down. He never shut me down though when I reached out.

The realization is this, I have to love and forgive my dad even though its hard. I don’t want to. Parts of me are still bitter and angry at all the crap he has done and how he has broken my family. But when Jesus put it into perspective it makes sense. He loved and forgave me and if I want to imitate him, I must do the same thing.  I’m not saying that I am always going to agree with my dad or even that it’s going to be easy because these may be the hardest months to go through with this, but it’s necessary and it will help.


One thought on “Realization I have to accept

  1. Wow deep stuff… It’s good to let it go. Forgive him, and let him see the love of Jesus that lives in you. It’s hard and it hurts and there will be a time when you reply just want to be mad and never worry about him again; but show the live and he will know it just like you know it.


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