Chaos here at Berea

Update on my life recently

  • So 3 weeks ago we had to evacuate Berea due to the weather conditions- I was declared a refugee.. 🙂
  • I fled home, where I surprised everyone at OLC
  • I got to lead a small group for one of the services and it reminded how much I love teaching children
  • Michael really made me think on some important things in my life regarding finances
  • I spent the remaining days hanging out at my mom’s work, and eventually worked
  • I felt like a guest in my own house
  • I returned to college on Sunday which was marvelous
  • The weather has been beautiful
  • Classes started Tuesday
  • I only spent 8 dollars on books after my scholarships
  • I was 15 minutes late to my first class out of my own stupidity
  • I earned the new nickname “Snappy” because I constantly snap pictures
  • Tuesday evening a student was found dead in his bed. I didn’t know him personally but I had seen him around town. His roommate is one of my good friends and he’s going through a rough time
  • Wednesday we experienced a tornado warning, with having to go into shelter due to the gusts being 60 mph and b/c it did pass by us
  • We lost power again for 7+ hours
  • I found out what is wrong with my knees and I start physical therapy soon
  • We did an intense dry land work out with the athletic trainer and it kicked my butt
  • While power was out, a few girls and I studied in the bathroom b/c it was the only place that was well lit
  • Once done studying, I went downstairs where my friend Rachel was getting ready to start some worship. Around 6 girls and I worshiped for 3 hours in the dark with only our voice and the guitar. It was absolutely amazing,
  • When power came back, it was only 10 minutes later that the fire alarm went off. We had to run outside. I was in a tee shirt, swear pants, and no shoes. It was cold with the wind, but we all were cracking jokes. Come to find out, the mechanical room in the basement had been smoking
  • We have a make up day tomorrow for the short term class we took in January. It’s so weird to have to go back to that class or study something you haven’t looked at in over 3 weeks.
  • We have a swim meet Saturday and I’m super excited!


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