Deep Cleaning

So in the rush of the first week of classes with the last two swim meets, it’s not been easy to keep the room clean. In fact- it’s currently a wreck. I was sitting here thinking of how much I need to clean the room and yes I do have some free time but there are a million other things I need to do. We keep going putting things off, until we can’t find that book for that class or that shirt for the really cute outfit. If we would take the time to clean the room, it would be so much more enjoyable

It’s kind of like your heart. Our hearts have so much junk in them but we keep going, putting things off until we can’t handle anything else, we don’t know how we got into this mess.

I really hate spring cleaning because it gives the impression that you should only deep clean once a year when in fact it should be a normal thing. When was the last time you went through and cleaned every corner in your room, throwing out what wasn’t used, giving away the clothes you haven’t worn in 4 years * Throw out the shirt that will never come back in style or the jeans you’ve been trying to get back into.. Buy a new pair when you do lose the weight as a celebration of the new you* What ever you do, dont’ make this a once a year thing. Same goes for your heart. Give up the things that are holding you down. Yes we all have baggage, but Jesus can take it and He will if you’ll let Him.

Do some deep cleaning this week.When you do, be ready for what you’ll find and what Jesus will do to your life.



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