48 days left until I leave for college, 62 until classes start. This leaves 1152 hours in GA and 1488 until I start classes.

Here’s a breakdown:

Of those 1152 hours here I will spend:

around 250 hours watching kids
around 20 hours in church
around 50 hours interning for the church
around 340 hours sleeping
around 150 hours driving
around 150 hours eating
and around 192 hours doing various stuff.

So whats up with this? Well I got to thinking today about what’s coming in the fall- Swim season. Now for those of yall who know me, I’ve started to take my swimming more seriously. This is something I’m passionate about and I want to do better.To be better though, you have to train harder. “Train like a monster,swim like a surgeon” is my new favorite quote. Train like no other, but swim like you know what your doing and you’ve been doing this for years. This past year was my first year back in the water competively and it kicked my butt. I have the potential to be great but I have to work at it. So what does the hours have to do with it? It shows me where I can add in time to a) run or b) SWIM or c) Do dryland training..  I’m so excited to get back to school so I can go and train and workout. I’m ready to be ready for the season. My pre season has kicked in.

To unleash this potential I am:

a) Keeping my goals knowledgable and descriptive. I don’t just want to swim the 200 backstroke- I want to swim the 200 backstroke in 2:24.

b) Training instead of waiting and training with a plan.

c) Cutting down on junky foods.

d) Increasing my water intake

4 simple things that are going to help me in becoming better this fall.

Here are my goals for this season:

1) Swim the 200 Backstroke in 2:24

2) Swim the 500 Freestyle in 5:35

3) Swim the 50 Backstroke in the relay in :54

Let the training begin. Let the potential be unleashed!kaela



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