Five Memories for Friday

So today I want to share 5 of my favorite memories from childhood

1. Playing Legos with my dad. I was never a girly girl and this was the one thing my dad and I did together.

2. Dancing on his feet. I remember standing on his feet and clenching his legs tight.. Now I clench my True Father’s legs

3. Father Daughter dance in 4th grade. This is my last memory with my dad.

4.Summer days. I remember playing in the sprinklers and sitting in huge buckets of water.

5. Fruit trees. We had a pear tree and an apple tree. I loved getting off the bus, climbing into my apple tree and pulling off an apple for snack. When it came time to pick the pears, my bro and I would take turns climbing in the tree and shaking it while the other picked them off the ground as fast as they could before our dogs got them.



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