Passion, Drive, Determination

You may ask me, why swim if I end up in pain? You question my passion, my desire, and my dream.

I”m passionate about swimming because there’s no greater joy to me than to dive into the pool, feel the water glide against my skin, hear the rushing water, and know that this is battle between the water and myself.
There’s no one who i’m working with for some greater good, it’s me against myself.
There’s no replacement in swimming.
It’s me showing myself that i have been determined and that i can do something.
When I’m in the pool, it’s like i can make everything disappear for how ever long i wish.
I can make it just me and the water or I can push out my frustration and know that when I leave the pool, I leave it there.
I sit and gaze into the deep blue abyss and know that at the end of the day, it is I who am victorious.
I turn the smooth stillness into rolling rapids fighting to remain calm. It is I who force the water to obey my command. I will win.
I’m driven to push myself no matter what it takes. If that means swimming til I’m purple, swimming with both my legs cramped, swimming so hard that tears begin to form from the pain deep within, so be it. I will be the stronger one. I will win.
I’m determined to succeed. To push and pull and glide across the water so that it obeys my every command. I’m determined not to come in last. I will win.

The pool is my sanctuary, the pool is my playing field. When I step up to the block, it’s all I’ve got. It’s passion, it’s drive, it’s determination. It’s strength beyond measure.

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