Spring Break Craziness

Highlights of my Spring Break
Friday night- Arrived Home!
Saturday- Oak LEaf Egg Drop! Saw 50,000 eggs and around 6,000 people!
Saturday night- Enchanted Nights dinner with Michelle
Sunday- Oak Leaf Church- it felt great to be back
Sunday afternoon- Birthday lunch Celebrating Neil’s mom’s 75th birthday
Sunday evening- Bug’s Play (She was cute, glad I got to see her!)
Monday- Morning with mom. IHOP& Mall trip
Monday evening- Thrasher’s Hockey game with Michelle,Neil,Jamie,and Brandon
Tuesday- lunch with Nikki, then taught her how to play Wii
Tuesday evening- went back to Berea 😦
Wednesday- Saw “The Last Song” and picked Nancy up from the Airport
Wednesday evening- Duty began
Thursday- Grocery shopped with Nancy
Thursday evening- Duty again…
Friday- Went swimming,worked out, and took a nap on the lawn with Nancy
Friday evening- Yup, Duty again.Crystal gave me Ben&Jerry’s icecream 🙂
Saturday-Lunch at Papalenos,window shopped, and got mint fudge with Nancy
Saturday evening- once again Duty
Sunday- Church,lunch,nap,dinner with Nancy
Sunday evening- Last Night of Duty
Monday- Lunch and hang out time with my favorite Ellards-Britin,Clarin,and Tierah



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