Her dream can come true

“Mommy I’ll never get to dance because I’m in a wheelchair”- my 6 year old tutee Lily said this to her mom days before her face filled with joy.

Lily is a dear a special child who is close to my heart. I’ve known and had the pleasure of tutoring Lily for a year and a half now. Last January when I returned to school I found out that the student I had been tutoring was not recommending back for the program but that they had placed me with a child who they knew I could help. That’s when I met Lily. A sweet 5 year old at the time, who grinned ear to ear with her crazy brown hair and her bright brown eyes. She starred at me from her wheelchair and I knew that this was going to be one adventure I’d always enjoy. They said if she couldn’t read by May that she wouldn’t graduate Kindergarten. They never took in account her surgeries or anything that held her back, but said she’ll be held back. I was bound and determined to not let this happen. Sure enough, come May, she was passed to 1st grade.

Now in 1st grade she is more strong willed and crazy minded. She came to my swim meet, she’ll make up stories, she’ll draw me pictures, and she’ll love me for me. This is who Lily is and now to the story.

It was Thursday night- convocation night. I found out that it was the Dancing Wheels convo and I was excited. I love dance and then when you add in dancers with disabilities- you’ve caught my heart. Well as I was sitting there through the first half I realized how much Lily would have loved this. She hadn’t told me she wanted to dance but I knew that she loved seeing others like her. Well at the end of the show there was a Q&A time and in the last question I thought I heard her mom’s voice. As the program ended I hurried over and sure enough there was my bright brown eyed, ear to ear grinning girl- and boy was she excited to see me. Lily got to meet the dancers, talk of dance school, and even got a hug from one of the male dancers( she was super excited about that!) As I sat back and saw all this happen I was just in awe of the fact that the dream and wish of a 6 year old was affirmed that night. Lily would be able to dance if she wanted to, and I pray one day she’ll get to.

If you want more info about the Dancing Wheels company you can visit their link : http://www.dancingwheels.org

Here’s a picture of the founder who is still a dancer in the company. She founded the company back in 1980! She is the one in the wheelchair.

Never let society say that your dream can never be reached, because I’m sure one day there will be a way.



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