Heartache,locks,and learning

The past week has been full of broken hearts, stolen locks, and lessons learned.

For me, I had settled. I thought there was something more there and settled. After a month of being led on, I found out there wasn’t something there. Check and mate, my heart was crushed. How does a guy play with a girls emotions and then just explain that they just want to be friends? Life lesson one learned here. Now to learn if we can exist as friends without there being something more. Not only did I learn this lesson of boys leading you on when they don’t want anything, but two of my girls in my hall also learned this lesson in the same week. One is rebounding and trying to find another guy, the other is just letting life go on.

I learned a lot about locks as well. Like the lesson to be late to class if it meant finding a new lock for your locker so your stuff could be secured. I’ll set the scene for you. It’s 2:50pm, I enter the locker room like normal, approach my locker and realize that my lock is missing. This is the second time it’s happened. Not wanting to be late for class, I change, leave my clothes on top of my bag and hurry off to the gym for warm ups. After the class, I return and quickly discover that my phone is missing. I search through my bag and everything else seems to be there, but my phone is gone. I ask the lil kids who are going into swim class, the equipment manager, and even attempt to find the Boss Upstairs who is over the lockers. Nothing. I change and head off to tutoring with my heart upset. On the way I see a scene that would be an awesome picture, so I dig through my bag and where I thought my camera was and don’t find it. It’s gone. I couldn’t cry then because my tutee had just shown up. So after an hour of random games, I ran back to the gym thinking i left it there. Nope. Stolen. Both camera and phone stolen. I cry.  A friend gave me her old camera and another is letting me borrow her old payasyougo phone to text people when it’s important. Lesson learned- take the time to secure your stuff, you never know the day it could go up missing.

I’m learning also that it’s good to take time to spend with your friends. Those times are important.In order to invest into someone’s life you’ve got to be willing to take the time to listen,learn,and love. I’ve gotten to spend time getting to know one of my girls. She’s from Rome. She wanted to get back into church. After a few weeks of talking, she joined me this past Sunday and now she wants to go back every Sunday. She’s even bringing a friend this time. Talk about the 1 for 1 principle- for every 1 you bring, they bring 1.



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