No, this guy is not 12. He’s not playing with kids. He’s playing Humans vs. Zombies.

I had never heard of Humans vs. Zombies or HVZ until I was at Berea. HVZ as described by their website is “a game of moderated tag commonly played on college campuses. A group of human players attempts to survive a “zombie outbreak” by outsmarting a growing group of zombie players.” Here at Berea- it’s HUGE! HVZ is played both in the fall and spring and it’s the craziest time of the term.

You walk around campus seeing these people shoot each other with nerf guns, throw socks at each other, and chase each other. Last year I had someone jump over me while I was studying outside on our Quad. I’ve had to find alternate routes of entrance/exit due to doorways being blocked by mobs of humans or zombies. I’ve seen people dress up like Link from Zelda( I never understand this one, he’s way to into this) but all in all it’s just craziness. It’s not comforting to be walking somewhere and be spooked by a mob of them that are hiding behind a wall. But, here at Berea, while some of us find HVZ to be completely dumb, others obviously think it’s totally worth it. I’ve heard that our community of people who play usually raised the most amount of money to contribute to a children’s cancer organization called Child’s Play.

Here’s a video of what HVZ looked like last Spring on our campus. In the end, zombies win usually. In the end campus goes back to peace until planning for the next event happens.



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