Labor Day Fun

Here at Berea we don’t celebrate the normal labor day, instead we have our own in mid April every year. Well this past Tuesday was Labor Day for us which means no class or labor for us. So what did my girls and I do? We went hiking, shopping,and photo takin- heres the recap.

The fall and some of us behind it

So Christina,Sarah, Whittney, Danielle, Brittany, and I all climbed Anglin Falls on our Labor Day. I had never been and I was so excited. I was glad that I got to go with an awesome group of girls. Christina is one of my best friends, Sarah is one of my closest, Whit,Danielle,& Britt are all my residents but we’ve became close friends this year. Britt is from Rome so we have fun talkin about home a lot.  Anglin Falls is absolutely beautiful. It’s not a long hike nor a big waterfall but it’s still really pretty and quite. I had a great time just listening to the water flow and fall and goof off with the girls.

Our whole group!
Our awesome find at Goodwill

Next we decided to hit up Goodwill to find me a dress for our formal dance this weekend.. Well instead of a dress Britt and I found these Carhartt overalls. Yes we bought them and Britt bought a Carhartt shirt and I bought a red plaid shirt. We were quite excited about our new finds. No, I didn’t find a dress either.

Country lunch on Labor day

Lunch was served on the quad and what a more perfect fitting meal than bbq ribs, beans, coleslaw,and corn on the cob. Wash it down with lemonade,  what an awesome lunch.

Britt and I taking fun country pics

Britt, Danielle,and I headed to the fields to take pics in our awesome clothes. I loved getting dressed in our country attire and just play. I wish I owned that hat, it’s my best friends but it was so comfy. I see one in my future.

Bluegrass music by two of our students

The night ended at our Academy Awards which was to present the academic and labor awards to students. I didn’t receive an award but went with a friend. One of the awards is the Red Foley Award which is give to outstanding music students. Well these guys were great. I loved finishing my night off with good country music.

What a wonderful country day …



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