Golf Cart Goof

Some people may know this but I’m taking a golf class this term. Now some may think, “Really your getting credit to play golf?” And my answer is “Yes.” Well the instructor of the course is one of my favorite athletic trainers, so I enjoy everyday of this class. Well last week Sandy asked me check the cones for our skills test and said I could use the cart. I was excited, I had never driven a golf cart ( I didn’t tell her this, instead I grabbed my friend Danielle). Sandy said the key was in the cart. So I hopped in the first cart, sure enough the key was in there, and I drove off. Once we finished checking the cones, I drove back to Sandy and asked ” Where do you want me to park the cart?” to which she responded ” I don’t know who’s cart that is but you can park it back at the front and bring back my cart.” I had taken a club members cart. I laughed as I drove up but was quick to apologize. Luckily this gentleman was understanding.

I will never forget my first golf cart experience.



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