I want a cookie!

Every summer I get the chance to work with kids. Most of my readers here probably are the very moms and dads that I work for. I get the chance to take care of their kids and often realize that I am totally not ready not to be a parent.

But then there are the days that God shows me a lesson about how we are his children. While helping out a family during their vacation God showed me this.

Cookies. We all love them. When we are young we want them all the time, and we want them we want them right then. Here’s what happened. Steph had just made fresh cookies, it was right before dinner. Elijah who is 2 really wanted a cookie. Since it was before dinner he was told no. He just stood there and cried ” Cookie” over and over again. Eyes all red from crying, he just wouldn’t give up, but neither would his parents. Dinner came, he finally sat down and ate, and then he got his cookie. His face lit up with happiness and joyfully said “Cookie.” He was content.
It’s just like us and blessings or answers from God. We ask him for blessings or answers and expect them right then and there. God on the other hand knows whats best and will give us what we need when we need it. We stand there confused and crying because we haven’t gotten what we wanted. Life goes on and we get over it a little and then finally one day God blesses us or gives us an answer we had been waiting for. Finally we are happy, we’ve gotten what we wanted.

I wonder if just like a child grows up and soon understands that they will get the reward if they are patient, we will understand that in the Christian walk we must be as patient with God and his rewards.


2 thoughts on “I want a cookie!

  1. Kaela, Wow if all mothers would just realize that very thing and not sweat the little things we would have happier mothers’ and children.


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