Action on my blog lately has been very slow. I don’t really spend a lot of time on the internet anymore, or at least during the summer I should say. So for those who read this I’ll recap summer thus far.

When I arrived home in the last week of May I quickly began my work of watching kids. I had missed my Sutton kids dearly and was quite excited to work with them. The following week I ventured to Myrtle Beach, SC with the Hancocks for a week vacation. I had never been so I was completely thrilled by everything. Michelle and Neil joined us there for a few days. While there I grew closer to the Hancocks and would say that they are even more family now than they were when I first knew them. We came home and started Action Week ( Oak Leaf Church version of VBS.) MAN WAS ACTION WEEK AWESOME!!! To see kids worship God and learn about Him all while having fun is pure joy. Then to watch them bring in over $1,000 DOLLARS IN CHANGE and have THEIR PARENTS DOUBLE IT was so insane! All in all it was so amazing.
After Action Week my life has slowed down some. I have continued watching kids weekly and have truly been able to enjoy my summer and just relax. We’ve gone to the lake several times, I learned how to drive the boat, we re-landscaped the front yard, and have just had awesome family time.
The days of my summer vacation are coming to an end. While I am excited to be back in the company of my friends at the same time it’s going to be hard to leave my family again. This summer God has shown me where I belong and this is it. I am so blessed.


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