Starting Junior Year

Well, summer has practically ended and my Junior Year of College is about to start. It’s funny, I look back and think ” Man I can’t believe I am already here. It seems like yesterday I was packing up for my first year.” As I look back over the summer here are somethings I loved and learned:

Working with 43 different kids
being a part of an awesome church
Going to Myrtle Beach
Seeing Taylor be baptized
Improving my photography skills
Learning how to drive a boat and a stick shift truck

I have many families that are behind me, loving and supporting me
My church rocks
I have an influence in many kids lives
I am loved
My life’s purpose is to work with kids
I am here to bring glory and honor to God
I need to start trusting in those who love me

So with summer over- I am pumped for Junior year.
10 Things I am ready for:
1.New residents
2.Swim team photography
3.Working as leadership on staff
4.Spending time with my besties
6.Starting my education courses
8.Swim team
9. A bigger room
1o. Late night talks and walks under the stars.



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