Five Guys

Many will read the title and awesome I am speaking of the awesome burger joint. Unfortunately this is not about burgers.

It is however about some awesome men in my life. These men being Neil Baker, Neil Hancock, Jonathan Sutton, Jody May, and Rich Nagel. Some readers know these men so what I say here they would probably agree with. All these men have become role models in my life, men I look up to who help me appreciate the role of a father and help me shape my expectations for the man I will one day marry.

This post is to these men, the men who I love and honor in my life.

Neil Baker- A year ago Neil took me into his home. Prior to this I had house sat for them, developed a friendship, and just connected with. When I became someone who lived at his home our relationship grew more. I could tell he was genuinely concerned about my well being and wanted to see me do well. This summer was a summer where I just watched our connection get tighter. He taught me to drive a boat and a stick shift, he was goofy and loving, he sat and talked and listened, he truly became a father figure for me. He showed me how a man can genuinely love his wife. I know as the years grow on I will learn more from Neil.

Neil Hancock- Neil and I had worked together at church for a while and then last summer I really connected with his daughter and our friendship grew. Now Neil is a great dad. He in fact is a stay at home dad. He has a huge heart for kids and it shows in his work. I got the opportunity to spend 2 weeks with him and his family at the beginning of the summer. I was adopted into their family as well. Later I was given the opportunity to serve him and his family by helping while he was going through a treatment. Neil has shown me how a man can serve his family from the house. He is a man who desires to do God’s will and will seek counsel when needed to ensure that correct steps are taken. There is much to learn from this Neil.

Jonathan Sutton- I’ve known Jonathan since I’ve worked in Oak Leaf Kids, which is like 3 years. Always a family man, passionate about his work and his family, and willing to follow God where ever he leads. I have been connected with his family and even worked under him. Jonathan has shown me that God will and change your heart calling you different places, you have to be willing to go even if you don’t know how things will go. Jonathan loves and I think that’s one this I love about him.

Jody May- I really got connected with Jody last summer when I went through some difficulties. We sat down and chatted and I knew from then that he was a man I could trust and learn from. Jody is a man of knowledge. Jody has taught me how to deal with tough situations and get through them. His family is a blessing to me and I’ve loved getting to spend time with them. Jody is a family man and loves his kids dearly. Jody pushes me to seek God in what I’m going through. I have a lot to learn from him.

Rich Nagel- Rich.. Richie Rich. I got to know Rich super well last summer when I nannied his kids. We would eat our mini wheats together while sipping coffee and looking out the window. We’d discuss swimming, life, college, goals, and everything else. Rich is a protector, and taught me some tips to protect myself. He taught me how a man should be the shield of his family.  Rich loves his daughters and wife and would do anything to protect them. Rich is very encouraging and just someone I know I can turn to when times get tough.

These 5 men are the men who I trust, love, and honor in my life. They teach me, guide me, protect me, provide for me, and genuinely care. I know that I will have these men in front of me for a long time. These are the men my husband will have to go through to get to me, as well as through God.

So about those burgers- yeah well one of my five guys did introduce me to five guys, so in a way it’s all connected.


One thought on “Five Guys

  1. “These are the men my husband will have to go through to get to me, as well as through God.” You got that right! And I feel confident in speaking for the wives of these men to say that the man God has for you will have to go through us too! I love you so much!!!


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