The Story of Samantha

When I was 10 I received Samantha- my one and only American Girl Doll. I had wanted her so bad. My cousin and I that year at Thanksgiving sat at the dining room table flipping through the magazine making our Christmas lists. We both got our dolls then. She Felicity and I Samantha. Oh how happy I was. She was my best friend. I played school with her and everything.

But then I grew up and she became nothing more than a doll on a shelf collecting dust. That was until I moved in with the Bakers. See now I have a lil sis who I like to call Bug. This past Christmas, she got her American Girl Doll. These two- Natalie and Samantha- now are sisters. At Christmas I surprised Bug by bringing Samantha over. We dressed the dolls up and played all afternoon. When Bug went to her dad’s, Samantha went back to my mom’s. This summer I went and finally moved Samantha into my home. She shares a bed with Natalie and they even went to the AG store with us. This year Samantha traveled with me to school. She and Natalie will be pen pals. It has been fun for me to get to relieve my childhood and just connect with Bug through these dolls. We giggle, laugh, play, and dream about everything with these dolls.

All in all, some may say it’s childish that I have a doll at college. I would just tell them that I love my lil sis and love the little reminders of her that this doll brings to my life.


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