Junior Year

Well this year has started in full swing. Even though it’s just the beginning, I really feel like this year is going to be a great one. God is pushing me in ways that I never thought.

This year has brought about change in a few areas of my life. The first being that I will not be swimming for the college this year. This was a hard decision but it was one that was needed in order to push me further into my future career. In place of swimming I have taken on a secondary position in the Education Department. This position was made this year and was exclusively for the executive leaders of the Student Advisory Council. I have served on the council for 2 years now, and am the Vice President. This year is going to be one of great change in the council. We are making more decisions with the faculty and department, uniting the students, and creating a more structured environment. Already I have begun work on a website that will launch later this month.

My primary job requires me to supervise 3 students under me as they care for the cleanliness of the hall, as well as to monitor the safety of the hall, and above all else be there for my residents. I can say that I absolutely love working with first year students. The energy and excitement that they have, the community that they have already began to build, and just their craziness is something that is only found in their first year. Last night as I laid in my bed I heard shouts of marriage from the front lawn- apparently they performed a complete fake marriage. I love my hall and their silliness. One girl even went through the whole hall labeling things with post-its. These post-its had lil messages that said that they bathroom lead to Hogwarts or other places. It really makes you smile as you walk through the halls.

I have really started to develop a routine that has been very effective. I think if anything it is the one thing that has for the most part been consistent in my life. I think there has only been one day that I have not made my bed in the morning. I also have done my homework everyday, which I will say now is a first since elementary school!

All in all this year has been great so far. Looking forward to what it brings.

Some Random Things From the Year

Fun with Cheez-its

I was a genius when I came up with this

I woke up one more to find my covers like this..

Sibling Staffs

Teaching crafts at church

Trust Fall

Killed this guy during training

Yup I can put out a fire 😮

Killed this guy after he decided he wanted to room with me this year.

Unfortunately he didn’t get the memo I was rooming alone 🙂

Fun little reminders around the hall!



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