21 until 21

Thats right,I have 21 days until I’m 21. Pretty big milestone that faces me. So I’m going to do a lil count down with some of my favorite things to do.

Day 21- Take tons of photos
Day 20- Blow bubbles with my tutee
Day 19- Read some Shel Silverstein poems
Day 18- Color pictures
Day 17- Talk to my favorite girl
Day 16- Go Creekin
Day 15- Spend time with Jesus
Day 14- Draw with Chalk
Day 13- Watch Curious George
Day 12- Write a poem
Day 11- Watch the stars
Day 10- Eat Eddy’s Fruit Bars
Day 9- Watch UGA Football LIVE
Day 8- Dance with goofy kids
Day 7- Enjoy fried green tomatoes
Day 6- Eat a piece of pie
Day 5- Send a letter to someone
Day 4- Spend time reading with a child
Day 3- Attend a teaching conference
Day 2- Reflect on what it means to be 21
Day 1- Teach children about Jesus
Day 0- Praise God for creating me


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