‘neath Commonwealth

The sun went down beneath Commonwealth
As the Cats and Dawgs came out to play,
Both seeking a victory,
One would just have to walk away.

The stadium was painted blue
Minus one corner soaked in red,
Among the crowd shouts of “GO DAWGS” and “GO CATS”
Silenced the sounds of players in combat.

Fumbles from Kentucky
Led to touchdowns by UGA
Then a hundred yard return
Touchdown again Georgia
Sic em’ Mighty Bulldogs.

Half time came and went
The Cats trailing by eighteen
No scores in the third,
Final hope in the fourth.

The crowd lost hope
And hit the road,
But the red still remained
Bound to see their bulldogs play,
They would sure still scream and shout.

Touch down for the Cats,
Flags on plays for the Dawgs,
Tension rose as the clock ticked on,
Please let there be a victory.

This was my first college game,
It ended very well.
The Dawgs secured a victory,
“GO MIGHTY BULLDOGS” was what we shout.
I won’t forget this day October twenty-third,
The day I watched my Dawgs
In that old Commonwealth.



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