Angels Rejoice

I got word today that this precious child placed her faith in Christ yesterday. This precious child is a child who holds a special place in my heart. I still can hear her ask me before I left to go to college my freshman year to not leave her, and that she loved me more than her mom and dad. Of course that wasn’t true but I did hate to leave her, as I did all the children who I work with. Every time I”m home, I enjoy my girl time with Kinley. Knowing that my life impacted hers in someway makes me know that I am made for a reason.But it also shows me a cycle.

See Oak Leaf Church instilled values in me, they helped build me up, they pushed me to know God deeper, from that I went out to work with kids. IN church and out, I wanted to be a part of their life, I wanted to show them God’s love through me, I wanted to help reinforce what their parents were teaching as well as go deeper with what they learned in church. Kinley is not the only child I’ve seen come to Christ, and each one is special to me.

There was a time in my life when I didn’t think it was worth living. These children prove it is. It also shows that they are worth sharing the gospel with, these children are important and they do understand what we teach them, and often they want to learn.

Kinley Faith- I’m proud of you. May your light shine in whatever you do and where ever you go. May you always remember you are surrounded by people who love and support you and that no matter how far you are from them, they are always there for you. This road is narrow and sometimes is hard, but push through and trust in God because He will never leave you. From now on you are His daughter and He loves you.



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